What To Do If Your Site Gets Hacked Part 1

I have had two WordPress blogs hacked into in the past. That was at a time when I was doing very little internet marketing, and until I found time to address the situation (months later), these sites were penalised in the search engines. They were not removed, but the rankings were reduced.

Finally, fix hacked wordpress site will tell you that there's not any htaccess in the directory. You can put a.htaccess file if you wish, and you can use it to control access to the wp-admin directory by IP address or address range. Details of how to do that are available on the net.

This is great news as it means that there is a strong community of developers and users who could enhance the platform. Whenever there's a group there will always be people who will try to take them down.

Keep control of your assets - Nothing is worse than having your livelihood in the hands of somebody else. Why take chances with something as important as your site?

Upgrade today if you aren't currently running the latest version of WordPress. Like keeping your door unlocked when This Site you leave for vacation leaving your site in an old version is.

I prefer to use a WordPress plugin to get the job done. Make sure the plugin you select is in a position to do select backups, has restore look at these guys and can replicate. Also be sure that it is go to this site often updated to keep pace. There's absolutely no use in not working, and backing up your data to a plugin that is out of date.

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